Great Oaks Country Club
Clubhouse Rules and Dress Code
Updated April 2018
Clubhouse/Golf Course Dress Code
Appropriate attire is required for all members and guests.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests follow club rules and guidelines.  Please remind your family and guests of the following:
Golf Course and Clubhouse:
On the golf course and throughout the clubhouse Men are required to wear shirts with collars and sleeves.  Traditional polo shirts and mock/blade collars are permitted, and need to be tucked in at all times.  Khaki or dress pants and shorts are required in all areas of the club.  “Cargo” shorts are permitted in the club and on the course, but must be tailored and pressed; pockets protruding from the legs of the pants/shorts are not permitted.  Frayed or excessively baggy pants/shorts are not permitted.  Outerwear must be of an appropriate golf nature. Gym shorts or pants are not permitted
On the golf course, women are required to wear shirts with either a collar or sleeves.  Mock/blade collars are permitted.  Shorts, skorts and skirts are permitted, but may be no higher than 6 inches above the knee.  Halter tops, short shorts, or gym shorts are not permitted.  Outerwear must be of an appropriate golf nature.
Throughout the clubhouse, acceptable attire for women include business or dress slacks, dress Capri’s, skirts and dress shorts with a minimum 6” inseam that rise no more than 6” inches above the knee; tops can be tailored shirts, blouses, high-quality T-shirts and sweaters.
T-shirts are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the golf course, except for Great Oaks “team” shirts (i.e. tennis/swim) – they are allowed at team functions, but are not allowed on the golf course.  Jeans are allowed on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6:00pm in the North Grille and on the patio outside of the North Grille, as well as on Thursdays after 4:00pm for Family night in the Clubroom, and in the North Grille and North Grille Patio. Jeans are not permitted in the clubhouse at any other time unless a specific Club event advertises its approval.  Hats are not permitted on men in the clubhouse dining areas, with the exception of the men’s grille, ladies’ lounge, and outside dining areas.  Ladies are permitted to wear hats throughout the clubhouse as well as on the patios.  
Children’s attire should reflect the same recommendations as adult attire.
If a member or guest fails to comply with the dress code, the member/guest may be asked to leave the Club and/or purchase proper clothing in the Golf Shop.  Any violations of House Rules should be reported to the General Manager for Club Rules Committee review.  The General Manager or a Member of the Management team may discuss your violation with you one time, and after that you will receive a letter from the club.  If a 3rd violation takes place you will be asked to stand before the Rules Committee. 
Children under 16 years of age are to be accompanied during visits to Great Oaks by a parent or adult sibling.  Infant children are not allowed on the golf course, driving range, putting green, or the tennis complex due to the possible risk of injury to the infant.  Child care is offered by the club at certain times; please refer to email blasts or management for these times, as they are subject to change.
Members are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children; it is not the responsibility of the Club staff.  Please be considerate of your fellow members and staff; keep your children’s behavior in line.
North Grille
Women are welcome in the North Grille on Friday and Saturday nights after 6:00pm, and on Sundays after golf. Children are not welcome in the North Grille, except on a rare occasion during holiday events during children’s activities. 
In order to accommodate the members and guests, along with serving them in the most efficient way possible, reservations are encouraged and greatly appreciated.  The reservations also help the staff control labor costs.  For reservations please contact the Front Desk at 248-651-5200.
Cancellation Policy of Club Events:
As a courtesy to your fellow members and to ensure successful events, reservations are encouraged for Special Club Events (Social and Golf).  The cancellation of reservations for Special Events must be made no later than one day prior to the event.  Cancellations made the day of the event may be subject to a charge of 50% of the published event price for each seat reserved.  No-shows and no-calls will be charged 100% of the published event price for every seat reserved.
Beverage Service
Beverage service is available and is regulated by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  Under no condition will alcoholic beverages be served to minors under the age of 21.  Management reserves the right to refuse liquor service to any individual or group.  No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the premises during times when the sale thereof is prohibited.  Opened containers of alcohol or containers holding alcohol beverages may not be removed from the property.  Under no circumstances can alcohol be brought on to the property.
Locker Rooms
The men’s and women’s locker rooms in the main Clubhouse are provided for the comfort of the Members and their Guests.  Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the locker rooms in the main Clubhouse.  On rare occasions children are permitted in the locker rooms after first obtaining permission of Management, and then only if an adult accompanies them.
Locker service is available to all Golfing Members on a fee basis.  The Board of Directors determines the amount of the locker room charge.  The locker service includes a locker and locker room amenities for the year.
Members who have had a locker during the current year will be automatically billed on the January statement unless the member gives notice to the contrary.  To arrange for this service, please contact the locker room attendant on duty.  Shoe service is not included in the locker room fee.  Lockers are assigned in the following order: Class “A” and “C” Members, Senior members, Young Executive members, Associate members, and the children of Class A and C members with prior approval.
Shoe service is available in the men’s and women’s locker rooms.  Cash or charge tips are suggested and appreciated.
Valet service is available to the Members and their Guests.  The Board of Directors have designated the lot in front of the main Clubhouse as valet parking.  Only those members and guests who wish to use valet service may park in this lot.  The Club will take all reasonable precautions against loss or damage but shall not be liable for any damage to any vehicle parked in this lot.
Personal Property
The Club is not responsible for lost, misplaced or missing personal items of any Member or Guest.  Items stored on Club property in lockers, bag storage area, parking lots or any other area are the responsibility of the Member and their Guests.  The loss of any article is the responsibility of the Member.  The Club will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to a Member’s personal property while secured at the Club.  The Member, in the event of a loss, should consult with his or her own insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.
Guest Rules
All Members should sign a chit for their carts and guests prior to teeing off.
To assure that your guests feel comfortable at Great Oaks, it is your responsibility to inform them of the dress code and cart rules.  Relaying this information to your guests before their arrival at Great Oaks can eliminate possible embarrassing moments.
Members whose clubs were stored last year will be automatically billed on the April statement.  The fee for this service is set yearly by the Board of Directors.  To arrange for club storage, please contact the Golf Shop.
The driving range is provided for our Golf Members and their Guests’ enjoyment.  Rules for the use of the driving range are clearly posted and must be followed.  The Golf Shop determines the hours of operation for the driving range.  The dress code on the driving range is the same as on the golf course.  Failure to follow the posted rules will result in disciplinary action by the Club Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee may also ask the Member to not use the driving range pending a decision.
All golfers must use the rest room facilities provided on the golf course.
The golf operation is under the direction of the head golf pro and should a situation arise concerning the rules of golf, the golf shop, club storage, the driving range and the first tee area, it must be brought to the attention of the Head Golf Professional, or the General Manager.
Golf Cart Rules
Please adhere to posted daily cart rules.  Keep carts clear of wet areas.  No one under the age of 16 will be permitted to operate golf carts.  White posts direct traffic back to cart path 30 feet short of the greens.  Please keep golf carts in golf areas only; carts are NOT permitted in the parking lots.  The valets and golf staff use carts to shuttle clubs to and from the parking lot.  Power carts are restricted to cart paths on all par 3’s, with exception to #3, which does not have a path from tee to green.
There is a Handicap Committee at Great Oaks Country Club.  This Committee has final judgment in establishing equitable handicaps.  If you have any questions about handicaps, please refer them to the Handicap Chairman or Head Golf Professional.
To be eligible for prizes in any Great Oaks Country Club golf event, the player must have an established handicap.  To establish a handicap, one must play five complete 18 hole rounds of golf within a two year handicap period immediately prior to the date of the tournament.  Some tournaments may have special handicap requirements.  Please refer to individual tournament notices.
Tee Times
Tee times can be made by calling the First Tee at 248-651-4920 or by accessing the Club’s website and using the online Tee Time system.   Below are guidelines you should consider before making any tee times this season.
  • Tee Times not available before 11:00am on Junior golf days
  • Ladies Nine Hole Night League 5:30pm – 7:30pm (June & July)
  • Senior Golf 8:30am – 10:00am
  • (Male) Members only first come first serve 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • Ladies WGA Golf 9:00am – 10:30am
  • Juniors allowed after 2:00pm*
  • Senior Golf 8:30am – 10:00am
  • (Male) Members only first come first served 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • Juniors allowed after 2:00pm*
  • (Male) Members only first come first serve 7:00am – 9:00am
  • Guests can play after 9:00am
  • Juniors can play after 2:00pm*
  • (Male) Members only first come first serve 7:00am – 9:00am
  • Guests can play after 9:00am
  • Juniors allowed after 2:00pm*
*Junior golfers are children 17 years old and younger.  Juniors may play during the designated times unless the junior has an established handicap index on 20.0 or less.  If the handicap index qualifies, the junior time restrictions do not apply.  
Members and Guests are to wear appropriate bathing suits.
Young children must be escorted into the appropriate locker rooms.
Young children must wear swimming diapers into the pool.
You may not bring in any outside food or beverage to the pool or tennis area.
Jeans are allowed in the pool area at all times. 
Tennis Courts
All Members, their families, and guests are required to dress appropriately for the activities in which they are engaged and as specified in the rules below:  
General:  Only athletic shoes with soles acceptable for tennis courts are permitted on the courts.
Men:  Tennis shorts are preferred; however, golf or Bermuda shorts are acceptable.  Bathing suits or cut off jeans are not acceptable.  Tennis shirts with sleeves and collars are preferred; however, t-shirts with logos are acceptable.  No sleeveless shirts are allowed.
Women – Tennis dresses, tennis shirts, tennis skirts, or tennis shorts are preferred, however, golf skirts and golf shorts, Bermuda shorts and t-shirts with logos are acceptable.  No bathing suits or tube tops are allowed.
Children’s attire should reflect the same recommendations as adult attire.
The tennis courts are available for use of all Golf and Social Activity Members.  There are no reservations allowed for the courts.  Please call the front desk to check to see if there are any scheduled events that day.
Administration of House Rules
All Members and their Guests will be held responsible for the enforcement of the House Rules and Regulations.  Any violations should be brought to the immediate attention of Management.  The comfort and convenience of the Members are best served by strict observance of the House Rules.  Flagrant or repeated violations shall be deemed grounds for disciplinary actions, suspension or expulsion.